Multi-day courses

Learning through and about nature

Multi-day outdoor learning courses give answers to the following:

  • How to get started with outdoor learning?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What's the theoretical background?
  • What are the must to have's when starting?
  • How to engage colleagues?

These courses include also:

  • Concrete activities with concrete materials
  • Reflective workshop sessions with goal-oriented mindset

Course keywords:

  • Environmental education

  • Outdoor education

  • Experience-based learning

  • Multidisciplinary skills

  • Wellbeing effects of nature

  • Connection with nature

  • Learner responsibility

  • Individualized learning

  • Feeding inner motivation

  • Gamification

  • ECEC

  • Elementary level

  • Teacher professional development

  • Localization

One-day workshops

- Inspired by nature -

One-day workshops: Nature pedagogy as a mindset

Are you a teacher looking for new, learner-centred andcross-curricular approaches? Nature pedagogy andoutdoor learning provide an outstanding way forgoal-oriented and holistic learning. In this workshopyou get to experience nature as a learning environment but also get concrete tools to utilize in your own work.

In this one-day hands-on workshop we have combined three different elements in one package. 

You get

  • to experience Finnish nature education in a role of a student.
  • to learn about Lappish lifestyle and survival skills needed in Arctic environment.
  • concrete tools to use in your work.