"The hike was very customizable on the spot according to my energy level and preferences, and in the end we ended up doing a full 19 kilometers. Aside from the hiking, one of the main highlights was the stop for lunch.

Chef Kimmo cooked the fresh pike he caught the day before. Delicious. Overall, a day I recommend everyone experience, Thanks again, it was finncredible!!"



Ice fishing

Unforgettable arctic adventure! Kimmo provided the absolute highlight experience of our 7-week multi-country trip! With breathtaking frozen landscapes and the fun of catching fish in the pristine Lappish wilderness, this was and unforgettable afternoon. Kimmo´s expertise and warm hospitality made it all the more special. Highly recommend for anyone visiting Rovaniemi and Finncredible!

David & Meredith


Wilderness cottage

We spent one day with Kimmo in an isolated cottage by a frozen lake in a Finnish forest. The experience was great. Kimmo picked us from our acommodation and offered warmer clothes and boots. We enjoyed travelling with the snowmobile in the forest. He accomplished our wishes, for example my husband wanted to have a bath in a frozen lake and they did a hole to take the bath after the sauna. He was considered with the needs of our five year old son. He explained us a lot of things about the region, culture and social life in Finland. He is a great host and a good cooker, too. Indeed, we recommend this experience with Finncredible.

Finncredible customer


Wilderness cottage

We spend the whole day together and our family got a real taste of Finnish wilderness. We travelled by snowmobile through the forest until we reached Kimo´s beautiful family cottage. Scenery like I´ve never seen before, the deepest fluffiest snow and the most quaint and cosy log cabin and sauna. It really was incredible and I felt like we were featuring our very own nature documentary. Thanks so much Kimmo and Finncredible. I can't thank you enough for looking after us so well, sharing a little of your life with us and helping us to create precious family memories. We really did have the best time!



Luxury trip

"One of the best holidays I've ever had. 10/10

Exploring Finland's climate, its stunning landscapes, and its fascinating culture felt almost like a dream.

We personalized every aspect of our trip, and Kimmo and the rest of the team were incredibly helpful at all times. From huskies and snowmobiles to hiking and enjoying a traditional Finnish dinner in an 1800s house, it was all amazing.

Incredibly grateful for Kimmo's kindness and constant attention. Overall, it was an excellent trip. I know I'll be planning another trip to Finland in the future!!"



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