We are not just about nature

Kimmo Tuunala

Founder / Ceo / Nature experience facilitator

Warm welcome to Finncredible! 

My  name is Kimmo, I´m the CEO and founding member of the company. My passion is to help people with their needs and dreams. I enjoy the most when people dare to dream big; whether it is about an unforgettable trip to Lapland or professional growth, I want to take them beyond their dreams and offer something they couldn´t even think of. For me, nature has always been the place when ever I have wanted to brainstorm or recharge. Sitting on a river bank or leaning on a tree in the forest gives me  a feeling of belonging.  it would be a pleasure to share this feeling with you.



Mobile: +358 50 3536311

Kimmo Siuruainen

Partner / Nature experience facilitator

Hi there!

My name is Kimmo. I´m the partner and a nature experience facilitator for Finncredible. I´m the handyman of the Finncredible crew and unofficial idea bank who has all the answers when they are needed.  When people define something as crazy, they are usually talking about my daily routines. For me stepping out of comfort zone is not a leap of fate, it´s a habit.

When you want to go out for hunting, learning about nature and history about Lapland, I´m your guy.



"We take you deeper, we make you feel, we make it Finncredible."

   Finncredible crew is not just any kind of a staff. We are a team of multitalents. You might get suprised but the fact is that we master a lot of things, thanks to our crazy, curious and fearless mindset. We don´t consider ourselves only as travel guides. We want to live and experience your vacation side by side, as a local. Our goal is to be people to people.

A typical day with our Nature experience facilitators goes as follows. After preparing Finnish breakfast from scratch in the morning we take you snowshoeing in the forest. Thanks to our teaching and coaching background and life-wide learning attitude, we're eager to tell you about our unique nature. Nature is our greatest partner and the respect towards it is seamless. To be honest, if you're into it, you get to know more than the locals. As we reach our local restaurant, a traditional teepee, we'll teach you how to start a fire using ancient methods and preparing food on open fire. We'll make sure you feel warm and comfortable.

We are a team of easy-going, warm-hearted local fellows. We have the ability to listen, interpret and understand people's dreams. Our exceptional eye for paying attention to the smallest details makes us different from the others. We take you deeper, we make you feel, we make it Finncredible.