Finncredible crew, boat and the frozen lake


   Sometimes things doesn´t work out as we plan. Thankfully we are prepared to make things work again. Winter came early this year, and it hit hard. While I´m writing this there is -24 celsius outside and it´s freezing out there! At the same time the view is like a dream. The thick frost is covering the trees and snow makes everything look soft  and peaceful. Perfect place to tell a story about our day in Finnish Lapland.

Something is not right...

I want to share one thing that happened to us a while back. We went to a lake, planning to put our fishing nets in the water. Well, the lake was frozen so we had to leave the boat on the shore….a couple of days later we came back with a new plan, carrying the ice drill and ice saw with us. Eventually we managed to set the nets in the water, under the ice though. As we want to be self-sufficient, we are aiming for offering you our amazing northern pike and zander, caught traditional style, from local waters.


We are ready for you

As we are literally chopping wood for your campfire, we are looking forward to setting up a call and start designing your Lapland trip of a lifetime. Last but definitely not the least, the northern lights are here, this background picture was taken last Wednesday on November 15th. 

We wish you a great week!

Br. Finncredible crew