How about an ice bath?


 "Kimmo, can we make a whole in the ice and try out ice swimming?", asked one of our guests while learning how to make a fire in the sauna stove. "Of course, let's give a try!" And of we went. We were at a wilderness cottage with no modern comforts, electricity or running water. We grabbed an ice drill and ice saw from our snowscooter sled (there's no road to the cottage so we had come 20min to the cottage by snowscooter) and started working. After 40min of drilling and sawing we were watching an inviting, rectangular-shaped winter bath. "This is not a joke, we really did it!", he said. And the story doesn't end here.After enjoying a wooden log sauna this gentleman dipped himself in this winter bath. "I feel like reborn", was his statement.

One experience with a variety of unforgettable moments

Spending a day or the whole trip with us is not just an activity after another. It is an experience with a variety of unforgettable moments, in a safe environment. Making people feel enriched and inspired is what we do. Our nature in Lapland and our private experiences makes all that possible. Whether you're willing to dip yourself in winter bath, watching beautiful snow-covered forests or both, our warm-hearted team is here for you. Beautiful winter lasts until mid-April, so there's plenty of time to come here, stop the time for a few days and feel like reborn.

We make it possible, you experience it.

Pure is luxury