Tailored vacation full of Finncredible activities

Local food with local style

On this day you get to not only taste traditional food of Lapland, but also learn about the history of this arctic area. We take you to a place we call a "local restaurant", a traditional teepee. No real meal without good stories and that's why we'll share the highlights of Lapland's culture and nature with you. If you want to, we'll teach you how to cook the traditional local food.

Winter hiking on snowshoes

Let us be your guiding hand and we'll show you what you need and give you a taste of the most beautiful spots near the Rovaniemi area. We take you to snowshoe in a picturesque scenery, enjoy a lunch prepared on open fire and heat up a warm cup of blueberry juice and with some delicacies on the side.

Trip to arctic wilderness cottage

We guide you over the frozen lake to a cottage in the middle of nowhere. There, in this silent and peaceful environment, we show you how to drill a hole through the ice to carry natural water into an old log sauna. We teach you how to heat the cottage up using a very old wooden stove and how to cook a fine dinner using old and simple cooking methods. 

Private family nature experience

A beautiful wide landscape in the exquisite nature of Finnish Lapland. You and your whole family enjoying themselves on our family day trip. A moment to remember for the rest of your life!We aim to bring each member of the family something they wish for and most importantly: something unique to bring back home and cherish as a beautiful memory for later. There is no age limit, young kids as well as grandparents are welcome! We make the activities according to your wishes and take everyone into account. Whatever the activities may be, around lunch time we will all gather around the campfire to eat some delicious food and drink campfire coffee or juice.

Exlusive lapland winter survival

Survival in these conditions is not everyone's cup of tea and stepping out of your comfort zone is an absolute must! It requires you to learn the basic survival skills and to keep your physical ability up at all times. Most of all though, it requires what we call "sisu" - a word that only exists in Finnish. It's something like grit or perseverance, but can only be understood in the harsh environment of the Lapland wilderness. It's part of our culture and roots.

Arctic winter fishing trip

Come walk with us through the unreal forest where crystals of ice decorate the green branches of pine trees. As you reach the lake and the clean white landscape spreads out in front of you, you truly feel the beauty of this very mysterious season of Lapland. This is the time of the year to experience the wilderness in its most simplified, yet beautiful form. It might sound crazy to some, but we really drill holes through the thick ice layer to do what this season is made for: ice fishing.

Private berry picking and hiking

Gathering berries and mushrooms has been an important part of Finnish culture for centuries, since it has provided us with the best nutrition next to local fish and self-hunted meat. Forest covers 70% of Finland's surface area, so there's a lot of places you can go look for among others blueberries, mountain cranberry and king mushroom.During this day trip you will not only gather berries and mushrooms, but you will also learn more about them and how to use them in the traditional Finnish way on the spot!

Learning through and about arctic nature

This experience works best in a small group so as to maximize the learning process. We'll take you to a remote place in the wilderness and share our knowledge on nature and its diversity with you. We'll tell and show you how the environment has changed in the past centuries. You'll get to be active as a participant during this experience, so the learning process is as complete as possible. This is the Finncredible way of living, where #pureisluxury!

Winter husky safari and wilderness cottage visit

This trip takes you to the heart of Lapland, a small and unique countryside village. First, to a small husky farm which is located in Vanttauskoski, a small village about 55 km from the city of Rovaniemi. In the heart of the forest, by a river, this lovely family lives with their husky dogs and in the rhythm of the seasons.  They want to ensure the wellbeing of their husky dogs and take only small, private groups. After a husky presentation, you take place on the kart which will be pulled by our husky team.  During the ride you get to cross fields and forests to the rhythm of the dogs. After the ride, the dogs will be free and you can enjoy a moment of complicity with them and pet the dogs who wish.



We help you to build your dream vacation in Lapland

Example 1 (participants 2+2) includes transportation, hosting, equipment

Day 1  -  Arrival and Winter hiking with snowshoes

Day 2  -  Getting to know city of Rovaniemi and arctic winter fishing trip

Day 3  -  Trip to arctic wilderness cottage and Local food with local style


Example 2 (participants 2+2) includes transportation, hosting, equipment

Day 1  -  Arrival and getting to know the city of Rovaniemi

Day 2  -  Northern light tour

Day 3  -  Winter husky safari and wilderness cottage visit

Day 4  -  Local food with local style


Example 3 (participants 2+2) includes transportation, hosting, equipment

Family package

Day 1  -  Arrival and getting to know the city of           Rovaniemi

Day 2  -  Winter hiking on snowshoes

Day 3  -  Private family nature experience

Day 4  -  Winter husky safari and wilderness cottage visit

Day 5  -  Northern light tour


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These examples and prices does not include housing

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