River Lainio is the most important breeding area for Baltic Sea salmon, average size being around 7kg. However, the biggest 'beasts' can weigh up to 25kg.

Besides salmon, you also have one of the best and the most variable grayling fishing areas in the world around you.
Graylings, known for their rainbow-coloured and wing-like dorsal fin, can be caught not only in the streams but also in still water. 'The Secret Grayling Lake', as we call it, is definitely worth experiencing.
Graylings are really common across the river system and it's not rare to catch grayling over 1kg (50cm). But prepare, because the biggest "ladies of the stream" can stretch the scale spring more than 2kg. Lainio is also potential trout fishing river; sizes vary between 1 and 3kg. So double check your backing in case this 'River Rocket' bites your fly!