Janne Kupulisoja

Profile: Founder of FinnCredible, fishing aficionado, wilderness guide, northern nature recreation expert

Finncredible role: fishing and hiking guide.

Kimmo Tuunala

Profile: Founder of FinnCredible, Enthusiastic fisherman, pedagogical learning expert, MSc in Education

Finncredible role: Fishing and hiking guide, team building facilitator.

Kimmo Siuruainen

Profile: Fishing, hunting and Lappish cuisine expert, engineer, CEO of Finncredible

Finncredible role: fishing guide and hunting instructor, chef, occupational safety card trainer.

Antti Pajulammi

Profile: Airplane pilot, Financial Modeling and Business Valuation Analyst, Chairman of the board of Finncredible

Finncredible role: Sales and marketing

Jani Saarvo

Profile: Professional manager, entrepreneur, Executive MBA

Finncredible role: Bringing people and things together.

Pasi Aaltola

Profile: Business development and management education professional, MsC, PhD(c)

Finncredible role: General development of the customer experience, designing services for corporate customers