Our mission is to enrich people's lives through Finncredible experiences.

We enable you to develop and strengthen your connection with nature.

We are a service company, aiming to exceed our customer´s high expectations. But that is not enough.The second sentence expresses our mission to develop people. We want our services to be also learning experiences, exposing our guests to new perspectives, even new fields of life. Our passion is to strengthen peoples' connection with nature, whether it is already their passion, or whether they learn to appreciate authentic outdoor environments through the experiences we facilitate. We aim to offer more than solely luxurious experiences, by bringing forward the appreciation of pure natural outdoor environment.

All of the activities we provide are designed to be carbon neutral. We compensate the carbon footprint of our services with a suitable and transparent means of compensation. For groups that arrive only to our guests, we compensate also the carbon footprint of their travelling (certificate as a proof for emission reduction can be delivered). We respect the environment and don't overuse the same nature locations. We recycle our waste. Our fishing and hunting activities are done professionally in a responsible way. In all, we strive to make most suitable choices in appreciating the beautiful environment of Lapland.    

We strive to be an innovative trailblazer and your most desired partner in building better people through nature.