Are you looking for a unique and authentic fishing experience? Finncredible takes you to a remote place that only a few know. As the sun rises in the early morning and you're sitting on a bank, you can forget hurries and duties. This is the landscape of purity.

You might still remember the old days when sitting on river bank and staring at your fishing rod. Seeing your rod bending was something you want to experience over and over again. On these remote Lappish waters all this is possible again; striking pikes are hiding there and they won't miss their chance. This is the fishing dream you can live with Finncredible.

The variety of target species won't leave us without options: grayling, perch, pike, rainbow trout and zander are the main species but on a good day we might meet with trout or white fish.

An unforgettable day is topped of with a Finncredible lunch, cooked using the fish we've just caught.