City Tour
Crossing the Arctic Circle
Visiting a Reindeer Farm
Traditional Finnish Sauna
Midnight Sun

To make the FinnCredible Summer Lapland package complete, we want to introduce the capital of Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi. It is an excellent combination of past and present. The downtown area has inhabited people since Stone Age, thanks to its central location at the confluence of KemI River and Ounas River. Rovaniemi's downtown area is within couple of square kilometres. Due to that, only a 10 minute drive from the very center of Rovaniemi is needed to take you to the middle of silentness.

Reindeer herding has always been a vital source of livelihood for Lappish people. That is why visiting a reindeer farm is a must. At the same time, bearing in mind the unique location of our dear hometown, we will take you to the Arctic Circle. You get a chance to cross it and actually get an official certificate of it.

The climax of the day five and the whole program will be visiting a traditional Finnish wood sauna and sighting the Midnight Sun. These two activities are hard to be described - they need to be lived!