Exploring the untouched nature
Hiking in the wild
My place - My Coordinates
Picking berries
Laavu experience - Cooking on a campfire

Day 3 is all about nature. Nature has a special significance in Finnish culture. Its mystique and diversity have inspired authors, poets and artists around the world. More than 180 000 lakes, forest covering more than 70% of surface area and fells older than 60 million years make our nature literally unique. Walking along paths that never end, tasting the crystal clear water from a spring, smelling the nature after a refreshing rain and exploring the forest that goes beyond your sight are things that make our nature worth experiencing. You get to find find a secret, calming place for yourself, recharge your batteries and come back next year. Your secret place is still there waiting for you...

During day four we will also show you, how the self-contained people in the past collected their food from the woods. It is an important part of our culture as for centuries the nature has provided the ingredients for healthy food. Finland is particularly known for its superfood, berries.

With us you will pick some berries and make traditional treats out of it, on the spot!