Air, water and fire

Sceneries from fell peak

Lapland and its waters; Boating on a lake


Day one is a perfect kick-off for an adventure of a lifetime. We dive into the core of Lappish identity by introducing three of the most essential elements of wilderness; air, water and fire. You get to see the Lappish sceneries from fell peak, sensing the unbelievable fresh air at a remote, beautiful lake and catching some fish that have an outstandingly long history. However, the definite highlight of the day will be the campfire. There are many stories about Finnish wild and many of them have been shared around a campfire. 

Without a doubt, the Lappish Campfire has an inexplicable power. It is quiet, yet revealing. It lightens your mind and gives energy that canĀ“t be gained anywhere else. Once you live it, you understand it. You can leave the campfire, but the campfire doesn't leave from you.