River Lainio, which starts from lake Råstojaure on Norwegian border, is all in all about 270 km long. It flows into the river Tornio, which eventually flows into the Baltic Sea. The landscape changes a lot along the river, from tundra to dense evergreen forest. Upper part of the Lainio is located in treeless tundra where sun doesn't set from beginning of June till end of July. Rough but beautiful describes the scenery. In terms of fishing, we always choose the best pools to fish according to the season and desired species.

Seeking for an adventure of a lifetime and world class fishing? Experiencing River Lainio, which is considered one of the Europe's finest fishing rivers, is a must.

It has great stocks of pike, perch, grayling, whitefish, trout and salmon. It is the most important breeding area for Baltic Sea salmon, average size being around 7kg. However, the biggest 'beasts' can weigh up to 25kg.